Monday, November 1, 2010

Tantas curvas y yo sin frenos

I thought we'd have some fun today, after all, from time to time we all need a good laugh.

Tantas curvas y yo sin frenos
So many curves and I don't have any brakes

If you're thinking this has anything to do with driving, you are soooo wrong.

This is an example of a piropo.  A piropo is can be anything from a cheesy pick up line to a very sweet compliment.  And while piropos are typically a man's domain, women can use them too. 

If you search for piropos you'll find sites that categorize them as piropos graciosos (funny), piropos romanticos (romantic), piropos groseros (dirty) and a whole lot more.

Let's take a look at a few more piropos.

Dicen que robar es malo, yo nunca lo haría;
pero un beso tuyo, con gusto lo robaría!
They say stealing is bad, I would never do it;
but for one of your kisses, I would gladly steal it.

Las 24 horas del dia yo las divido asi:
9 soñando contigo y 15 pensando en ti
I divide up the 24 hours in a day like this:
9 dreaming of you and 15 thinking about you

Si la belleza fuera un instante, tu serias la eternidad
If beauty were a moment, you would be enternity

Clearly those were examples of piropos romanticos.  Now let's look at some piropos graciosos.

Nunca te olvides del número 591
-5 minutos de placer
-9 meses de embarazo
-1 más en la familia
Never forget the number 591
5 minutes of pleasure
9 months of pregnancy
1 more family member
Bailas muy bien, apenas noto tus doscientos kilos.
You dance well, I can barely notice that you weigh 400lbs.
¡¡Mami!! ¡Si tú fueras droga, yo sería un adicto!
Baby, if you were a drug, I'd be an addict
¡Muñeca! ¿De qué juguetería te escapaste?
He doll, what toy store did you escape from?
Bonitos pantalones, quedarían muy bien en el suelo de mi dormitorio.
Nice pants, they'd look great on my bedroom floor
Debes estar cansada hoy,
después de todo lo que hicimos en mi sueño anoche.
You must tired today, after everything we did in my dream last night
We haven't covered piropos groseros, and while I'm far from the politically correct type, I'm not going to post anything overly rude.  Here's a sample that's not so bad, just remember that piropos groseros just get worse.
Que lindas piernas,  ¿a que hora abren?
Nice legs, what time do they open?
If you want to read more piropos, you can google (googlear, yes, some people actually use this word)  piropos.  But to save you some time, here's a link:
That's it for today.  I hope you managed to get a laugh or two.

¡Hasta la próxima! 

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  1. Tantas y curvas...James uses that line on Ashley during Shore Leave in Mass Effect 3. I thought a writer just made up a pick-up line for the game and translated it to Spanish. I wasn't aware that it is a popular pick-up line.