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Great Links to Learn Spanish for FREE

This is my collection of what I consider to be the best sites on the internet to learn Spanish, most of which are free.  The links to resources and/or products that you actually have to pay for are ones that I have purchased or subscribed to myself.  

This list is far from complete, and I'll continue to add more links as time permits, and as I continue to find more great resources.  There are literaly hundreds of sites to learn Spanish from on the internet, but I think these are the cream of the crop.

Enough chit-chat, here are the links, and ¡buena suerte!


Dr Lemon's Grammar Notes

Fred Jehle - Spanish Verb Forms

This site is packed with verb conjugation charts, giving you not only the conjugations, but the English meaning of each conjugation as well.  If you need to see verb conjugations, this is the page you need to go to.


The Destinos

This is an online telenovela designed and produced by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.  This is not your typical telenovela, but instead an amazing production with a great storyline, great acting and will keep you intrigued, all the while helping you learn Spanish.  This telenovela was specifically designed to teach you Spanish and entertain you.  Each chapter focuses on specific grammar topic.  There are 52 episodes, you won't be disappointed.

This site has been recently updated and looks great.  New learning material has been added to help you learn even more.

 University of Texas at Austin

This site has a huge collection of videos that are interviews of native Spanish speakers that cover a variety of topics and proficiency levels, from beginner to superior.  Each video has Spanish and English transcripts and an associated grammar lesson.  Without a doubt, this is a must see.

Language Media - Spanish Language by country

This site has a collection of homemade videos of Spanish speakers from the countries of Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Spain as they conduct their day-to-day business in the streets.  There are transcripts in both English and Spanish, and to my knowledge, none of the videos are scripted, they capture people speaking naturally in plain old everyday Spanish.  You definitely should take a look at this site.

La Casa Rojas Free Daily Spanish Video Classes

Don't miss this one. Señor Rojas has posted a series of great videos designed to teach you Spanish. These videos are very well done, another site you don't want to miss.


Yet another fantastic video site, this contains numerous videos at different levels.  The vidoes are creative, funny and great learning tools.  The videos are downloadable, and transcripts are provided.

Free Audio Courses

FSI Spanish

Many people sell the FSI course for $100 or more, but the truth is this is a complete course that is in the public domain and available for download for FREE at:

Download FSI Spanish

I hate the fact people are making money off of a course that is absolutely free to the public.  DO NOT pay for this course.  If you can't find it, contact me and I'll give it you.



Another amazing site, completely free.  It's packed full of podcasts, all of which are 100% in Spanish, cover all sorts of topics - grammar, interviews, short stories and more.  There are transcripts, but again, everything is 100% Spanish.  This site can definitely take your Spanish to the next level.  If you're interested in Spanish from Spain, this site is for you.

They have material for all levels of Spanish learners.

Other stuff

Lyrics Training

Don't miss this site.  It's a really fun way to improve your Spanish listening skills by listening to music.  They have lots of songs rated from easy to advanced with a Karaoke mode that displays the lyrics as the song plays and a game mode that tests your listening ability.

Check out the site, it's a great way to improve your Spanish and it's lots of fun as well.



You'll have to register for a free account, but they publish several new lessons a week.  You can download the audio for free, but you'll have to pay for the lesson notes.  Be sure to take advantage of their free trial.

If you decide to subscribe, the lessons are very good and they have a huge library of lessons for all levels.  I think a basic subscription is well worth the money.


Unlike the majority of the other links listed, this is actually a pay service, but well worth your hard earned cash.  They publish lessons almost everyday of various levels.  They've got a free 7 day trial, which I recommend.  For roughly $60/yr, you get access to their now huge library of lessons and videos.  I was a member of this site for several years, and if you're goal is to be fluent in the language, I strongly recommend this site.  I will say that if you are a nearly fluent speaker, then this site is probably not for you.  But for the rest of us, I consider this site to be invaluable.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Available by download, this is a great course that will have you speaking Spanish if you put your due diligence.  It has 3 levels that cover everything you need to know.  You search Google and/or Amazon for reviews.  Each level is available for download for roughly $97 each.

I highly recommend this course, it's what I used to learn Spanish. I own all three levels.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Marcus Santa Maria

I purchased nearly every course or subscription service Santa Maria offers.  I highly recommend his material.  His philosophy is teaching you what you need to know to get you communicating effectively in the shortest amount of time possible.  Marcus has a talent for taking the most complicated Spanish and making it easy to understand.

Synergy Spanish

Learn how to speak Spanish