Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey, that tastes good!

Food seems to be a recurring theme with my blog. I guess that's a good thing. This time I ate my first pupusa. They're from El Salvador, and you can read about them here . Let me tell you, they are ¡muy rico!

Pupusas are sold in a place called a pupusería, and the one I visited had several kinds on the menu - pupuso mixta, which had frijoles (beans), chicharron (chopped pork), and queso (cheese). They also had pupusas de pollo (chicken) and de carne (beef).

Aside from selling pupusas, this place was also a panadería (a bakery), and they had a number of tasty looking treats. There were turnovers called pañuelos (my Colombian friend called them Pastel de Gloria) that were filled with either piña (pineapple) or fresa (strawberry). On a side note, If you want to know what any type of food has in it, you can ask "¿qué tiene?".

There was also a kind of banana flavored bread pudding, called pudding. I have no idea how you actual spell it Spanish, but it's said with a Spanish accent.

I gotta say that I'm loving all of this latin food. I can't wait to see where my appetite takes me next!


  1. Great blog Rodney!
    Lots of interesting stuff on here.

    By the way, the RAE recognizes two Spanish spellings (and presumably pronunciations) for pudding :

    pudin o pudín


  2. Thanks for that info! The pronunciation was definitely the second one...pudín.