Tuesday, February 24, 2009

¿Te llegó?

I was exchanging text messages with a friend when the question came...¿Te llegó? I was like "huh?".

It occurred to me that mi amigo must be asking me if I got his last message. Turns out I made a lucky guess, because that's exactly what he was asking.

"¿Te llegó....?" is a way of asking "Did you get/receive [something]?

So with that in mind you can say...

"¿Te llegó el mensaje?" - Did you get the message?

"¿Te llegó el paquete?" - Did you get the package?

"¿Te llegó la carta?" - Did you get the letter?

You can reply using a simple "sí" or "no", but if you want to flex your Spanish muscles, you can reply using the same structure...

"No me llegó" or you can be more explicit "No me llegó tu mensaje".

¡Ya esta! Es pan comido, ¿verdad?

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