Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aquí mis ojos

We've all had those conversations about "you know who".   Sometimes we need to be somewhat discrete about who we're talking about, and that leads us to the ever popular "you know who".  Well, now you're about to learn how to talk about "you know who" in Spanish.

Aquí mis ojos is the equivalent of "you know who".   And don't forget to add the appropriate body roll your eyes toward "you know who", perhaps adding a slight nod of the head toward our "you know who".

Now it's time to look at some examples...

Aquí mis ojos no tiene vergüenza - You know who has no shame 

Aquí mis ojos ya me tiene harta - I'm fed up with you know who

I really like this phrase.  It's very easy to incorporate into your Spanish, because it's used exactly the same as we use "you know who".

I hope you enjoyed learning about  this phrase as much as I did.



  1. I love your blog. I have been learning all sorts of little very useful phrases that are helping me a lot living in a small town in Mexico! Thanks.

  2. Rodney,

    I think it is better to say it with an "a" as in "Aquí a mis ojos".

    1. Rodney has it right. It might not make alot of sense, but that's the way it is used in Mexico.

  3. Hey,

    I'm Spanish and honestly I have never listened that. Maybe you confused some words, you can say 'Ante mis ojos no tiene vergüenza' and it's right, but Aquí is Here, so you can see it don't have too much sense.

  4. Hi Lorena,

    Thanks for commenting!

    I'd be curious to know what part of the Spanish speaking world you're from. While I totally agree that the literal translation of 'aquí mis ojos' makes no sense at all, this is an idiomatic expression, a Mexicanism to be exact.

    I'm not sure what other Spanish speakers would be familiar with this expression, if any. But it's definitely correct, however bizarre it may sound.

    I do like your suggestion, it's probably more commonly understood. I'm going to take note of it and try it out first chance I get. And please feel free to share your comments on more of my posts!

  5. The idiomatic expression "aquí mis ojos" and the phrase "ante mis ojos" do not mean the same at all. "Ante mis ojos" is not an idiomatic expression and means exactly what is being said: "before my eyes".
    "Aquí mis ojos" means exactly what Rodney said.
    I am mexican.