Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hay más cachuchas de rosa?

One Spanish word that practically everyone knows whether they speak Spanish or not is sombrero.   I probably don't even need to tell you what this means, but just in case, it means hat.   We Americans tend think of a sombrero as the one in this foto:

In reality, a sombrero is not any particular kind of hat, but a hat in general.  But today we're going to talk about a specific kind of hat, the good old american ball cap.

A ball cap is more commonly known as a gorra.  Like the one in this picture:

There's also a gorro, which we call a beanie, or a skull cap:

The two are very easy to confuse since they differ in name by only one letter, which is why I posted the images, because that's about the only way I can remember which is which.

Now we can talk about what a cachucha is.   Actually, we already talked about what a cachucha is.  It's a gorra, except cachucha is a Mexican term.

I was doing some voluteer work at a local clinic, acting as a translator.  Maybe I'll make another post about that experience, as it was quite a fun, interesting and rewarding experience.

Anyway,  they were also giving away goodies like t-shirts and ball caps, and promoting the 2010 census.  A señora asked me:

¿Hay más cachuchas de rosa?
Are there more pink ball caps?

I had actually seen this word before, who knows how long ago, and I was suprised that my brain actually processed this word right away.  Of course it probably helped that she was looking right at the ball caps when she asked, which undoubtedly jogged my memory.

¡Ya!  That's it for today,  I hope you learned something new.  Try this word out next time you get a chance, it'll help drill it permenantly into your brain, while making you sound muy Méxicano. 



  1. gracias Rodney. Hace poco aprendí la diferencia entre gorro y gorra, y ya he aprendido otra palabra nueva - cachucha.

  2. Me gusta leer tus historias. ¡Qué chevere! Nunca he eschudado eso...Wow, ¿Gorro es una palabra? Aprendo algo nuevo cada día :)