Monday, September 20, 2010

Cuidado, ahi viene el mero mero

The vast majority of us have to get up and drag ourselves into work and report to the boss.   It sucks, but hey, así es la vida (that's life).

There are several words you can use to refer to the boss in Spanish, like "el jefe" or "la jefa" for a female boss.

Then there's the very Mexican "patrón" and "patrona",  which also mean "boss".

But then also there's more informal ways of referring to the boss, like "the big kahuna", "the man", "the top dog", or "the big boss".   "El mero mero" is a way of expressing that same concept in Spanish.  Mexican Spanish that is.

Cuidado, ahi viene el mero mero
Watch out, here comes the boss

Habla con él, es el mero mero
Talk to him, he's the boss

Mi hija cree la mera mera
My daughter thinks she's the boss

El mero mero can also be used to say something, or someone, is the best.

¡Soy el mero mero!
I'm the best

El blog My Spanish Notes es el mero mero
The blog My Spanish Notes is the best

OK, Maybe I went a little overboard on the last one.

So now translating our expression should be pan comido (easy as pie):

Cuidado, ahi viene el mero mero
Watch out, here comes the big boss

This is a great expression, you can have a lot of fun with, I certainly do.

¡Hasta pronto!


  1. There's another slang using "mero" that would be good subject for your pelangoche blog!

  2. This blog help me a lot! 'Cause I'm mexican new arrival in St louis mo as au pair, and I'm having hard times with the english and in blogs with people who speak spanish trying to learn u english, u can have so much avoids 'cause isn't their first language, but I think this way is better! The opposite American people using real english sentence for explain spanish sentence.