Monday, January 17, 2011

Te digo y te digo pero tu no me hagas caso

I've actually taken this little gem for granted, and should have posted about it a long time ago.

There are times when you need someone's undivided attention, and one way to ask for it is with the phrase "prestar atención" or "poner atención".  But another colloquial and very common way to say it is using the phrase "hacer caso".

Te digo y te digo pero tu no me hagas caso
I tell you over and over but you don't pay attention to me

Actually, the literal translation is "I tell you and I tell you...", but I think our translation sounds a little more natural in English.  Anyway, here's some more examples.

No le hagas caso a gente envidiosa
Don't pay attention to envious people

No hagas caso a lo que dice la gente
Don't pay attention to what people say

Let's cover a few basic phrases as well.

No lo hagas caso
No le hagas caso
No la hagas caso

These mean "don't pay attention to it, him, or her", respectively.

That's it.  When you start using this you'll sound like you were born speaking Spanish.  And now there's only one thing left to cover.  Actually, it's more like giving credit where credit is due.

My friend Mexico Bob suggested I post about this topic. He actually suggested it a long time ago, and I'm just now getting around to it. But hey, you know what they say "Más vale tarde que nunca" - better late than never.

Not only did Bob suggest the topic, he basically wrote it. I saw no reason to reinvent the wheel, so I just added a few finishing touches.

A propósito (by the way), if you don't know, Mexico Bob has his own blog, so make sure you check it out, it's one of my favorites -

Thanks again Bob!

¡Hasta la prómixa!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Amigo. Hey, when are you coming down? ¡Ponte las pilas!

  2. Is "Te digo y te digo pero tu no me hagas caso" a quote from somewhere? I was wondering why hacer would be in the subjunctive here.. if it were me I would have used the indicative. Just wondering!

  3. Exactly, girasol. I have been wondering about it too... Can anyone explain?