Tuesday, March 22, 2011

¿Por qué estás chiquiteando wey?

Imagine yourself sitting in a bar or a nightclub with toda la banda drinking, laughing and just having a good old time, then all of sudden some asks you:

¿Por qué estás chiquiteando wey?

Before I go into what this means, let's talk about a few other things first.

If you don't know, "la banda" doesn't mean a musical band in this context.  "Toda la banda" is a way of saying you're with all your friends.

"Wey" is a way of saying "dude" in Mexico.  I talked about it before in this post.

Lots of people like to drink to beer, which everyone probably already knows means cerveza.   But what you may not know is that you can also ask for una chela bien fria - a nice cold beer. 

And if you've never been to a bar in Mexico, you may be surprised to find out that beers are commonly sold by the bucket.  Literally.

A bucket is called a cubeta.  It's a really effecient way of ordering chelas.  They sit on ice and the waiter comes by to open them up when you're ready.

Now let's get back to where we left off.

There you are in the bar sipping on your favorite chela, and then your friend asks:

¿Por qué estás chiquiteando  wey?

In this context, chiquitear means "to sip", so your friend wants to know why you're sipping, or as we like to say, nursing your drink.  I certainly hope you have a good explanation. 

I also need to tell you that "chiquitear" has another meaning that I'm not going to go into.  At least not in this blog, because its other meaning is much better suited for my sister blog, No Seas Pelangoche.  I've already posted about that, so if curiosity is getting the better of you then you'll want to click here

That's it for today. 

¡Hasta Pronto!


  1. Hi Rodney,

    You used "Todo la banda" shouldn't it be "Toda la banda"?

    Great blog, keep up the good work.


  2. You are 100% correct, thanks for pointing that out.