Monday, October 31, 2011

Si tuere dominicano dale like

Si tuere dominicano dale like

This sentence could confuse you for multiple reasons, so let's get started.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the word "tuere" might have some of you saying "what the heck is that?".  Don't bother looking it up in your dictionary, you won't find it. 

The reason you won't find "tuere" in your dictionary is because it isn't one word, it's two.  "Tuere" is really "tu ere".   Well, that's not entirely true, it's "tu eres".  However, when you "quita la s" - drop the "s" and say it really fast, it becomes "tuere".  Dominicans (among other Spanish speakers) are famous for dropping the s when they speak and even more famous for speaking incredibly fast. 

So we've solved our first mystery.  That leaves us with "dale like".  You may have already guessed the meaning of this one, but if you haven't, here's a clue:

Yes, "dale like" means to "to like" something in FaceBook.  Now we can make our translation:

Si tuere dominicano dale like
If you're Domican, "like" this

And since we're on the subject of FaceBook, let's talk about that.  That's really what this entrada (post) is about anyway.

Primero lo primero (first things first), FaceBook in Spanish is simply refered to as "FaceBook".

Mandame un mensaje por facebook
Send me a message on FaceBook

You can also simply refer to FaceBook as "el face".  This may be regional, but everyone will know what you're talking about.

If you use FaceBook, you're a feisbuqero, or feisbuquera

When you're using FaceBook, you're feisbuqueando.

q peedo we q haces?? ps nada aki....feisbuqueando
What's up dude, what are you doing?  Nothing, I'm just on FaceBook

Notice the cryptic lanugage.  People really write like that.  Let me translate it for you.

q peedo we q haces?? ps nada aki....feisbuqueando

Qué pedo wey, qué haces?  Pues nada aquí....feisbuqueando

Who would have ever thought you'd have to translate from Spanish to Spanish?  But let's get back to our conversation about FaceBook terminology.

If you want to tell your friends to add you to their page...

Agrégame  en FaceBook
Add me to your FaceBook page

If you want them to take you off their page...

Borrame de tu Facebook
Take me off your FaceBook page

You may also need this one, I certainly did:

Te borré sin querer de mi Facebook
I accidently removed you from my FaceBook page

You can also tag people in photos.

Te voy a etiquetar en unas fotos
I'm going to tag you in some pictures

Or you can go with something perhaps a bit more cool:

Te puse tag en el Face
I tagged you in FaceBook

Oye te puse tag en un par de fotos
Hey, I tagged you in a couple of photos

If you want to poke someone, you can "Dar un toque".  Although, while poking around on the web (ok, ok, bad joke, I promise not to do it again) I discovered that the opinion of many Spanish speakers is that "Dar un toque" is a bad translation.  But, that's what's FaceBook uses, so there we have it.  And you should always be polite and "Devolver el toque" - poke them back.

Lastly while we did talk about how to "like" something, you have a few more options as well.  You can "pon un like" or "pon un me gusta" as well.

That's it!  This certainly isn't the end all be all of feisbuqueando in Spanish, but it should get you started.  Also, check out this page for some good examples of "FaceBook speak".  If you start feisbuqueando with your Spanish friends, you might need it.

¡Hasta luego!


  1. Hi Rodney,

    I've been reading you on Google Reader for well over a year now, and I'm always happy whenever you update. Thanks for all the useful insights into real Spanish. They always fascinate me.

    You actually inspired me to start my own blog, a very similar one where I try to share colloquial words and expressions I pick up from everyday conversations (I've been living in Colombia for the past two years). I would be grateful if you took a look at it, and if you think it might be useful to your readers, include a link here. Thanks so much. Que sigas disfrutando del idioma español!

  2. Wow, thanks for being a faithful reader!

    I took a look at your blog and I think it's great. I'm definately going to suggest your site to my followers.

    I'm really happy to see someone giving us the 411 on the Spanish of Columbia, I will be a dedicated reader for sure because I have a few Columbian friends and one day I hope to make it to Columbia myself.

    Good luck with you blog!

  3. Nice post =) Just stumbled upon your blog recently. Hope to learn some new vocab. here.

    Btw... I have also seen "facebookeando" =)

  4. I always wondered how to say Facebook terminology in Spanish. Thanks for the lesson! I think I'll put en entrada about this blog/topic en el Face and ask my friends to dale like. :)