Monday, February 13, 2012

¿Por qué estás en cueros en la sala?

Settle down ladies, take a deep breath and try to stay focused.  Guys, sorry, I've got nothing for you.  The good news is you'll learn all the Spanish you'll need to find a picture more to your liking by the end of this post.

Today we're going to talk about being naked and how to get that way.  And I am in no way responsible for the trouble you guys are bound to get yourself into with this info.  There, I've made my disclaimer and I'm sticking to it.  Let's get started!

The gentleman in our picture is medio desnudo or semidesnudo if you prefer.  OK, he's probably a little more than half-naked.  I'm pretty sure if we take away his leaf he'd be completamente desnudo - completely naked.

While desnudo is a perfect word for describing our friends wardrobe, it's certainly not the most creative or fun way to talk about it.

Here's a nifty phrase you can most certainly find a use for at some point.

Como tu madre te trajo el mundo
Like your mother brought you into this world

So, how did your mother bring you into to this world?   In your Traje de Adán or Traje de Eva.

Adán and Eva are Spanish for Adam and Eve and a traje is a suit.  The literal translation is your Adam or Eve suit.  Figuratively speaking, we're talking about your birthday suit, which is what our friend is wearing in the photo.

I can't begin to tell you why our friend is in his Traje de Adán, but I can show you a few ways to talk about being naked and how to get naked in Spanish.

Estar desnudo is pretty standard.

No entres, estoy desnudo
Don't come in, I'm naked

To talk about the process of getting naked, you can use the verb desnudarse.

Me voy a desnudar
I'm going to get naked

You may find this next example more fun.   I'll bet some of you will be using this one right away.  This is the part where you refer back to my disclaimer.

Get naked!

Feel free to add mujer or hombre on the end of that.

Now that we have the standard boring Spanish out of the way, let's move on to the fun stuff.

Estar encuerado

¿Por qué estás encuerado?
Why are you naked?

And remember, if you're a woman you need encuerada.  The verb encuerarse works just like desnudarse.

Get naked!

Me encueré en la playa
I got naked at the beach

You may know the word for leather is cuero, which is pretty much Spanish101.  What you may not know is that you can also use the word cuero to talk about being naked.

Estoy en cueros
I'm naked

En las playas nudistas todos están en cueros
At the nude beaches everybody's naked

¿Por qué estás en cueros en la sala?
Why are you naked in the living room?

I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that question.

There's also andar en cueros.

Me gusta verte andar en cueros
I like to see you going around naked

I've seen en cueros and encuerado translated as butt-naked or stark naked, and even just plain naked.  While there probably is a slight difference in the meaning of these terms, the bottom line is you're talking about someone sin ropa, with no clothes on.

Oh, before I forget, there's one more word for naked, and this one is very, very Mexican.  And that word is bichi.  There's also andar bichi, which works exactly the same as the other expressions.

¿Te gusta andar bichi por tu casa?
Do you like to walk around your house naked?

Hold on, there's more.

Sácate la ropa
Take off your clothes

Quítate la ropa
Take off your clothes

Surprisingly (or maybe not) you can use quitarse and sacarse to talk about taking off your clothes.  I don't know about you, but it came as shock to me when I first learned about this.  Actually, those two verbs are not specific to taking off your clothes, you can use them to talk about taking off anything.

Who knew there were so many ways to talk about being, and getting, naked.  And to tell you the truth, there are probably even more colloquial ways to say it, especially when you start talking about regional Spanish.  If you know a nifty expression, please comment, sharing is always welcome, It's how we learn.

¡Hasta la próxima!


  1. escucho mas quitate la ropa en ves de sacate, aunque los dos son correctos

  2. In Colombia, they say en pelota.

    Hm, I've spent my fair share of time naked in Spanish, but, interestingly enough, we never really paused to sit around and talk about linguistics! :)