Monday, March 19, 2012

Para los ke pidieron fotos ojicafe

Yes, that's an ojo.  An eye for those of you who are truly Spanish newbies.  

And as we all know, eyes come in all different colors.  If you want an extensive list of eye colors (color de ojos) in Spanish, here's a link to Wikipedia:

But you can do that later.  Here's a quick listing of common eye colors.

Marrón, café o castaño - Brown

Azul - Blue

Verde - Green

Negro - Black

One way of talking about the color of someone's eyes is to simply say...

Tienes ojos verdes
You have green eyes

You just conjugate the verb tener to it's appropriate form, throw in the word ojos, the necessary color and you're good.  Here's one more example.

Tengo ojos azul
I have blue eyes

You get the idea.  But it turns out there's another way to talk about eye color.

Soy flaco pelo negro oji negro
I'm thin, black hair, black eyes

Did you catch the "oji negro"?  I've seen this written a few different ways:

Ojinegro, oji negro and oji-negro

I have no idea which one is correct, and on top of that, I had to look through a few dictionaries before I could even find the word ojinegro.  When you're talking it won't make a difference, and I doubt anybody really cares anyway.

Some other colors:

Ojiazul - Blues eyes

Ojimoreno - Brown eyes

Ojiverde - Green eyes

Ojigris - Grey eyes

We have just one thing left to talk about.  Our expression for today.

Para los ke pidieron fotos ojicafe  
For those of you who asked for brown-eyed photos

If ke doesn't look familiar to you, don't worry, it's basically chat speak, or shorthand if you prefer.  You may also see just plain k, or even q.

That's all for today.  Don't hesitate to go out and start using your new found vocabulary!


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  1. Oye gabacho, yo creo que tu tienes ojos de pescado...