Monday, May 28, 2012

Eres todo un potro

Let's have some fun today.

One day you may find yourself wanting to express to someone how attractive they are, and while Spanish has words like guapa, guapo, bonita, atractivo and the like, it can be way more fun using "slangier" words.

There's going to be some good stuff in here for both guys and gals, so let's get started.

Ricky Martin es todo un galán
Ricky Martin is a complete hunk

A galán is basically your classic movie star, telenovela type of handsome.  You'll see this word used quite a bit in entertainment news.  While this isn't slang, it's definitely a word to boost a man's ego.  If you're really trying to sweep a man off his feet, this is a good choice.

Next we have guapetón, or guapetona.

Mira que guapetón es mi novio
Look at how handsome my boyfriend is

Quiero presentarte a mi amiga, es bien guapetona
I want to introduce you to my friend, she's really pretty

Now, I translated guapetón and guapetona as handsome and pretty, but the truth is, that's not quite right.  Guapo or guapa would translate to handsome or pretty.  Guapetón and guapetona are a step above plain old handsome and pretty.  It's like saying someone is incredibly handsome or pretty.  So if you happen to be on the receiving end of this word, you can hold your chin high and walk with your chest poked out.

You could also substitute the words hermosisimo or hermosisima above, which is a variation on the word hermoso.   It's like multiplying hermoso times two.  You're saying this person is drop-dead gorgeous.  This will definitely win you some bonus points.

In English you can tell someone they have the body of a God or Goddess.  Spanish is no different.

Tienes cuerpo de un dios griego
You have the body of a Greek god

Eres una diosa
You're a Goddess

FYI, when some refers to a woman as a diosa, they're typically talking about the total package, a great body and a beautiful face.

While we're on the subject of nice bodies, you could also say:

Tienes buen cuerpo
You have a great body

And that's a great compliment, but if you're trying to say you think someone has a really great body, then go with this one:

Que cuerpazo tienes
You have an incredible body

Here's another one to compliment a pretty face.

Hola preciosa
Hey gorgeous

For a guy, you'd say precioso.

You're probably very familiar with the next few Spanish words, they've practically been assimilated into English.

Hola mamacita
Hello baby

Calling a woman mamacita implies that you find her attractive, not only physically, but sexually as well.  Depending on who you're talking to, this may not be taken kindly.  Think of it as calling a woman a hot mama in English.  It could be considered just plain disrespectful.

Eres todo un papacito

Literally, papacito translates as little daddy, but that's nowhere near accurate.

At the moment I can't think of an appropriate word in English for papacito.  But the translation isn't really important, what's important is she digs you.  If a woman calls you a papcito, she's thinking you're pretty hot.  Charming, sexy and attractive could be words running through her mind.

You may also here the word papi, which is really a term of endearment.

Hola papi
Hi baby

Let's keep going, we're almost done.

Eres una yegua

A yegua is actually a female horse, or a philly, as we say in English.  It's another way of saying a woman is good looking, a  voluptuous or sexy woman.  But be careful, in some places calling a woman a yegua can be an insult.

Fear not ladies, you also have a way of comparing a man to a horse.  And no, that's not what I'm talking about.  Kudos to those of you who get that.

Eres todo un potro
You're a stallion

Officially a potro is a male horse, or stallion.  At this point do I even need to say what it means unofficially?

Here's a joke for you.

¿En qué se parece el hombre a los caballitos de mar?
How are men like seahorses?

En que se creen potros y son unos pescados
They think they're stallions but they're just fish

Sorry, Let's get back on track and wrap this up.

You can tell someone:

Estás buenisima
You're hot

Buenisimo for a guy.  Buenisima can have a sexual connotation, so be careful.  In fact, the remaining things I'm going to share all have a sexual connotation.

Estas bien buena
You are really hot

Again, bueno for a man.

These are even more forward.

Te ves deliciosa
You look delicious

Yeah, I think you get it.

Te ves bien rico
You look delicious

Rico or rica typically applies to food, but as you can see it applies to people as well.  I did mention this can have a sexual connotation right?

Wow, that's it for now.  There are probably dozens of other ways to compliment someone informally, but this is more than enough to get you started.



  1. hi! i really like your website! this will definitely improve my spanish! keep on updating your site!

  2. hi, this is a great idea and really helpful !!! :)

  3. Adria Blue: I recently met this Spanish guy. He sent an email with a "guapetona!" greeting. I had to Google it and stumbled upon your website. I was giggling (really flattered) when I read what guapetona meant. Gracias for the translation!

  4. It's helpful to.know simpatico also translates as good looking and not just nice. Very helpful when setting someone up!

    1. In Chile Simpático is just nice, easy to get along, friendly.

      Actually, sometimes if you ask if they think a person is hot or beautiful, they may say "es simpático" tongue-in-cheek-y, meaning he is not atractive fisically.

      *did i use tongue in cheek correctly?

    2. Yes, f3mando, you did. :-) But without the "-y".