Monday, July 2, 2012

Vas a tener trillizos

At some point we all learn the word embarazada means pregnant.  

Estoy embarazada
I'm pregnant

That's fabulous, but every book I've ever seen leaves out how to answer all the questions that are bound to come after you tell someone you're "embarazada".  But don't worry, today we'll clear all that up.

On several occasions I've struck up a conversation with complete strangers by asking...

¿Para  cuándo esperas?
When are you due?

As usual, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

¿Para cuándo?

¿De cuánto tiempo estás (embarazada)?

You can also just shorten this to ¿de cuánto estás?

 ¿De cuántos meses estás embarazada?

¿Qué tiempo tiene?

¿Para cuándo estás?

¿Cuantos meses de embarazo tienes?

¿Cuanto meses tienes/estás?

While you have several options, I recommend you just choose one and stick with it.  Now let's talk about the answer you can expect to hear, or give, should that be the case.

¿De cuántas semanas estás?
De 11.

How many weeks are you?

Tengo 6 meses de embarazo
I'm 6 months pregnant

Estoy embarazada de 6 meses y  no tengo casi nada de panza
I'm 6 months pregnant and I almost have no stomach

And of course you substitute semanas for meses  in the examples above.

Estoy embarazada de dos meses aun faltan 7 meses
I'm two months pregnant and I've got 7 months to go

There's another phrase that will come in handy in this situation, Dar a luz.

¿Cuando vas a dar a luz?
When are you going to have the baby?

I actually blogged about this last year.  You can read about it here.

Let's take a step back and figure out how to talk about getting pregnant in the first place.  You need quedarse to talk about getting pregnant.

¿Cómo me quedo embarazada?
How do I get pregnant?

Me quedé embarazada
I got pregnant

If you need talk about who got you pregnant, use estar embarazada de.

Estoy embarazada de mi novio
I'm pregnant with my boyfriend's baby

Estoy embarazada de Carlos
I'm pregnant with my Carlos's baby

The word for pregnancy is embarazo.

Los primeros síntomas de embarazo
The first symptoms of pregnancy

¿Ya te hiciste la prueba de embarazo?
Have you already taken a pregnancy test?

And of course everyone wants to know if you're having a boy or a girl.

¿Conoces el sexo de tú bebe?
Do you know the sex of the baby?

Sí, va a ser un varón
Yes, it's going to be a boy

Other options can be mujer, mujercita, niño or niña.

¿Tienes alguna preferencía?
Do you have a preference?

¿Que prefieres, niña o niño?
Do you want a boy or a girl?

Ojala que sea niño
I hope it's a boy

A madre primeriza is a first time mother.

Soy madre primeriza
I'm a first time mother

You can also just shorten that to Soy primeriza.

Let's not forget the gentlemen. 

Soy padre primerizo.
I'm a first time father.

You can also say Soy papá primerizo.

If you want to congratulate someone on their new baby, it's really easy.

Te felicito por el niño / la niña
Congratulations for the baby boy/girl

I think I put the cart before the horse.  You may want to start off by asking if they're pregnant.

¿Estás embarazada?
Are you pregnant?

Once the baby's finally here, the questions just keep coming.

¿Cuando nacío el/la bebe?
When was the baby born?

Notice the el / la.  The word bebe is the same for a boy or girl, so you need the el or la to clear things up.

¿Cuánto pesa tu bebé?
How much does your baby weigh?

¿Cuanto  pesó  tu bebe al nacer?
How much did your baby weigh at birth?

Mi bebé pesó 16 libras
 My baby weighed 16 pounds

You might think 16 pounds is crazy, but I actually found this headline in Google.

Nació el bebé más grande de Texas, pesó 16 libras
The biggest baby born in Texas weighed 16 pounds

Sorry, let's get back on track.

¿Con cuanto mide?
How long is the baby?

Mi bebé mide alrededor de 7 a 8 centímetros de largo
My baby is around 7 to 8 centimeters long

The last thing we're going to cover is when a woman is blessed with more than bundle of joy.

Estoy embarazada de gemelos.
I'm pregnant with twins.

Gemelos actually means identical twins.  Mellizos are fraternal twins.

Take a look at this picture.  Aren't they adorable?

Anybody want to take a guess as to what vas a tener trillizos means?

Vas a tener trillizos
You're going to have triplets

That's it for today, ¡Chao!


  1. what do you say when you ask someone if they are embarazada and they aren't?

    1. I don't even know what to tell you to say in English, LOL.

      Besides a "lo siento mucho", I doubt a native speaker could tell you how to squirm your way out of that one. :>)