Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nice Suit

While having dinner with my amigos, somehow the topic of clothing came up, which quickly led to yet another Spanish lesson for me.

I knew the word for suit in Spanish was traje, and had never really thought much else about it. It turns out I should have asked a lot more questions. Anyway, let me share with you what I learned.

If you have on a saco y pantalones (suit jacket and pants), then you're wearing a traje completo, or traje for short. And if you've had your suit tailored it's a traje sastre.

If you don't have on your saco, then you're just wearing your camisa y corbata.

The next question that came to mind was "what about a blazer?"

While my amigos weren't surprised at the question, I was certainly surprised at the answer - blazer. Now, they did tell me that this is probably only said in Mexico. They also told me they use the word "Dockers". Apparently it's not uncommon to refer to things by their brand name the same way we do here.

Well, that's it for now. I wonder what lessons my next dinner conversation will bring?

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