Sunday, May 23, 2010

Se me antoja un helado de vainilla

If you ever get the urge to eat something specific, like a piece of cheesecake, or a steak, or whatever, then you've had an antojo, a craving.

To say you have a craving for something, you use the verb antojarse.  Actually, you may want to think of it as a desire, or an urge to eat or do something, because you can use it to say you have an urge to do something besides eat.  But in this post we're talking about cravings for food.

Se me antoja un helado de vainilla
I have a craving for vanilla ice cream

This is a really easy piece of Spanish you can add to your toolbox.  Simply say "Se me antoja de" and add whatever it is you're craving at the end.

You can also say:

Tengo el antojo de una torta de pesacado
I have a craving for a fish torta

You can also "ando de antojo", which means you feel like eating just about everything you see.  I often find myself feeling like this.

A person can also be an antojadizo/antojadiza which means that you pretty much "ando de antojo" all the time (todo el tiempo).

Here are some examples:

Soy muy antojadizo
I always have a craving to eat

That's it.  Now you can have cravings in both English and Spanish.



  1. Muy bien!

    Funny thing is that whenever a woman says "Ando de antojo", people immediately assume she is pregnant and having cravings! :)

  2. Thanks for another useful entry! I love learning this kind of everyday Spanish.
    I have a question for you - do you use any podcasts for learning Spanish? I'd like to start using some, but if possible, I want to find one that uses Mexican Spanish, but I"m not sure if there are any... was wondering if you knew of any. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jan,

    Actually, yes, I do listen to podcasts.

    Take a look at, it's a really good site, and they do point out a lot of Mexican phrases/vocabulary, much more so than any other podcast site I've seen.

    The primary instructor there is from Mexico, so you get some great cultural information as well.


  4. If you want to practice your listening skills you can visit this blog, but they are in Peruvian Spanish, but I'm sure this accent is very similar to Mexican's.