Monday, June 20, 2011

Estoy a dieta, pura vitamina "T"

Most of have been a diet at sometime or another, even if it was just the classic "seafood diet - I see food, I eat it".

Well, we Americans aren't the only ones with a special diet.  Mexicans have their own special diet called "vitamina T".

What is a diet of "vitamina T" you ask.  Simple...


Needless to say, if you're familar with Mexican food, you already know that you're not  going to lose weight on this diet. 

Let's talk take a look at what these foods are. 

In many Spanish speaking countries, a torta is a cake.  But in Mexico, a torta is a sandwich.  But not just any kind of sandwich:

Tortas are delicious.  You can find them at any authentic Mexican restaurant.  And if you're wondering what a cake is called in Mexico, it's pastel.

Is there anyone who doesn't know what a taco is? 

You might be surprised by this picture, because it's not the classic hard yellow taco shell Taco Bell and Old El Paso made famous.  Every taco I've ever ordered in Mexico (or even an authentic Mexican restaurant here in the US) serves tacos like the one in the foto.  Squeeze a little lime juice on it, and yummy, se hace la boca agua (it makes your mouth water).

Tamales are pretty straight-forward:

Tortillas.  If you don't know what these are you really have been living under a rock.

While I've never eaten (or seen) a Tlacoyo, thanks to the internet I can still show you a photo:


While Totopos may seem like a fancy name, you already know what these are.   Impress your waitress by asking for "más totopos" the next time you go to your favorite Mexican place.

And finally, tostadas:

When someone tells you they're on a diet of "pura vaitamina T", they may be "subiendo peso" (gaining weight), instead of "bajando peso" (losing weight).  Colloquially that's a very common way of talking about gaining and losing weight, but the official verbs are Adelgazar and Engordar(se).

Well, that's it.  I don't know about you guys, but all this talk of food has made me hungry! 

¡Voy a engordarme!


  1. Hmmm the tlacoyo looks yummy!

  2. Tortas ahogadas in Guadalajara are where it's at. Great post.

  3. Hola! Tu blogg es chingon! He leido todo lo que has escrito y anotado
    Mucho. Trato de enfocarme en aprender e espanol de mexico
    Tengo una preguntita.. Conoces la palabra calambron? A usan todo el tiempo
    En la emisora fiesta mexicana. Pero No la conoce ni mi amigo de mexico:
    En la emisora dicen"les mando un calambron" o algo asi. saluditos de suecia!

  4. jajaj que bueno está este blog, "Calambrón" se deriva de "Calambre"y calambre en Inglés es "Cramp", y bueno en este caso "Calambrón" puede significar saludos o Grettings in English

  5. Bueno reconozco tengo que hacer un curso de mexicano, cuantas palabras que no conozco, domino el madrileño y el argentino, con tus posts sobre la comida me ha entrado el hambre. Pero por aqui no hay tacos y esas cosas.
    Muy divertido tu blog

  6. Pues muy bien tu post amigo, fíjate soy mexicano y eso del calambron no lo conocía, y si, asi son los tacos realmente, la verdad no se a quien se le ocurrió hacer un taco con una tortilla dura como si fuera una tostada... Y los Tlacoyos, hay de diferentes tipos, te recomendare algo, busca también los Huaraches, los Sopes y los mas importantes, los Pambazos, nada mas rico que un Pambazo :D saludos desde Chihuahua México