Friday, May 31, 2013

¡Qué bien sienta soltar un taco!

There's one Spanish word everyone in the US knows probably before they turn 3, and that word is taco.

On the bizarre chance you don't know what a taco is, here's a photo:

But like many words in Spanish, the word taco has more than one meaning.

That's right, a taco can also be a pool cue.  At least in Mexico, that is.  And technically they're called tacos de billar, although if you're in the middle of a game of billar (pool, billiards) then you can just say taco.

We're not done yet.  This is also a taco:

In Chile a taco is an atasco or embotellamiento.  We know it as a traffic jam.

I don't know if you consider this good news or bad news, but we've still got more to talk about.

There's also taco de ojo, eye taco.  Clearly this makes no sense in English, so let me explain.  Taco de ojo refers to a good looking guy or girl.  We call it eye candy.  Throw it into Google and see what comes back.   But finish reading this post first, I don't want you getting distracted.  And I believe this is a very Mexican expression, so it may not be understood by everyone.

There was also a movie called Taquito de ojo:

There's an expression that goes along with taco de ojo, and that is echarse un taco de ojo.  This is something to the effect of checking out the girls, or guys if you're a woman.

Ya se echó el taco de ojo y apenas estamos empezando 
You've already been checking out the babes and we're just getting started

Es inteligente, trabajador, y es un taco de ojo
He's smart, hard-working and is nice to look at

Voy a la playa y echarme un taco de ojo
I'm going to the beach to check out the girls

That leaves us with just one more expression involving tacos.

Soltar tacos is another way to decir palabrotas, or to swear.  This is used in Spain and perhaps some parts of Latin America.

I won't be teaching you how to actually swear in this post, you'll need to look at my other blog for that, 
No Seas Pelangoche.

Let's get back on track.

¡Qué bien sienta soltar un taco!   
It feels good to swear

Qué dificil hablar sin soltar tacos
It's hard to talk without searing

Papá soltó un taco en voz baja
My dad said a swore in a low voice

And that's it, or should I say that's enough.  Who knew the word taco had so many meanings?

¡Hasta la próxima!


  1. I am a Spanish teacher and really enjoy your blog. I'm thinking that there's also a way of saying post-it notes using the word taco???? Are you familiar with this usage?

  2. I also have known "taco" to mean a high-heeled shoe in Peru!