Sunday, June 16, 2013

Más minutos menos lana

More minutes, less wool.  Say what?

Sometimes Spanish is just plain confusing.  Well, it is if the only thing you ever do is read your text book.

Your dictionary will tell you that lana means wool.  And that's good, because it does.

So now you're wondering what lana has to do with minutes.  Maybe this will help.

In case you don't recognize the photo, it's the side of a public phone booth.  Public phone booth's are all but extinct here in the US.  Anyway, I'm sure all of you have already figured out that lana is another way to talk about money, or dinero in Spanish.

Más minutos, menos lana
More minutes less money

Dinero is the standard word in Spanish word for money.   You can't go wrong with it.  But there are other words that are a lot more fun and make you sound more like a native.

So how do you use the word lana?  Just like you use the word dinero.

No tengo lana encima
I don't have any cash on me

¿Qué le puedo regalar a mi novia para la navidad si no tengo lana?
What can I give my girlfriend for Christmas if I don't any money?

Me pagan una buena lana
They pay me good money

So now you've got another word to add to your Spanish toolbox, but there are a few more words you can use for money.

Plata means silver, but it's also used as a synonym for money.

I want to buy a lottery ticket so I'll have money, but I don't have money to buy a lottery ticket.

Poor guy.

Billete specifically refers to bills, but you can use it generically to refer to money as well.

Ya págame mi billete
Pay me my money already

In Mexico you'll also hear the terms feria and biyuyo.  Feria can refer to bills or change depending on the context.  

In Argentina you'll hear the words guita and mango.  

The truth is, there are many more words for money besides dinero.  In fact, Wikilengua has a list of words used in various countries.  Here's the link:

And that's it.  Now you can add a little more flair to your Spanish.  If you know any more Spanish words for money, leave a comment!

¡Hasta la próxima!

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